Review from ROMANIA!

Here is an unedited review of The Taekwondo Diaries by Mr Caciuc, a Romanian architect, lecturer, and author:

Hi Zoe!
I've got your book and I read it in between lines,forgive me, this is the my postmodern 'critic' stylefor grabbing the whole culture of nowadays... It's areally unconventional book for me, a kind of personalfemale writing or an 'ecritture feminine', which give the expression of your insideworld. Forgive me again when I appealing abusively tothe gender studies in order to decipher a book made by'alterity'. In fact, it's about a double alterity:diary / documentary; Western / Eastern ... A radicalhybrid enterprise where someone could find quotationsfrom Berthold Brecht and Bruce Lee... Irony? Your'palimpsest' is running in so many levels: culture, cuisine customs, history, psychology,martial arts, Asian philosophy and the overallmysterious "Nodding Gnome" (which remember me aboutthe Traveling Gnome in the recent French film"Amelie").Well, this book is 'very you' for me. It'sinteresting that boys don't write diaries (not toooften...to be precise), except few cases in philosophywhere anyway the writing is professionally cut fromthe self to sustain some general ideas. Only Helene Cixous, for example, use writing in the direction of herself, wrapping like Christo herbeing... As you said in the book, your life is notordinary. You float in between a world for kids and auniverse of a 'critical adult eye'. Don't leavewriting! (24/3/2006)


The Taekwondo Diaries is GOING GLOBAL!!!

After all the promotion I did a couple of weeks ago, it seems that none of that worked, and that instead people are starting to stumble across The Taekwondo Diaries by other means. That's good. I guess.

For example, Mr Sharma, from India, has written in to kindly send me a picture of himself with his Taekwondo group after he read The Taekwondo Diaries.

I'm glad, as I'm planning this site to become a shrine to the global followers of The Diaries. Taekwondo is just one outlet that at least brings people of the global community together, instead of being swept up by political squabbles. What Bridget Jones' Diary did for 30-something women, I hope the Taekwondo Diaries can do likewise something for power-hungry men!

I was also amused, when, during the week, I received an email from a Mr Andonov in Bulgaria. It has to be said that I've known him for more than 15 years, after he responded to my ad for penfriends in World Soccer magazine from way back in my middle-school days. Since then, we have always kept in touch. He was keen to read The Taekwondo Diaries; however, his feedback came in the form of the fact that he was 'disappointed' that the subject of the book was about Taekwondo. Somehow, he had expected it to be about something else. Something else???!!! Doesn't the title tell you enough? Let me make it clear once and for all: The Taekwondo Diaries is about TAEKWONDO!

From hereon, the site will be an open shrine for Taekwondo enthusiasts in response to my writing, The Taekwondo Diaries, which, again, for matter of clarification, is about TAEKWONDO.


2007 is coming sooner than you think!

I've now added a set of 3 calendars for the 2007 year to my lulu.com site.
The calendars are as follows:




I've tried to upload some associated images, but something is wrong with upload feature at the moment. Anyway, there are previews and pix to be found on the www.lulu.com/taekwondo site.

Perhaps it's time to give mass calendars a rest for now... especially as no one can surely be thinking about publishing new year presents just yet...

Nevermind, I'm just curious to see if anyone ever purchases things from the lulu site. It seems that there's a risk of getting a lot of junk on the site. I'm hoping that my work is above the 'junk' line!!!


ULURU - the calendar

I've now put a few things up for sale on the Lulu.com site.
Next - the ULURU - JOURNEY TO AYERS ROCK CALENDAR is available. It features 24 months of glorious pictures from Ayers Rock in Australia. I went there back in 1998, but recently got all my film negatives put onto CDrom, so have great quality digital images.
As an example of image quality, check out the pix above. (Click to enlarge)

Remember to visit http://www.lulu.com/taekwondo to view all products. The TAEKWONDO DIARIES (below) is getting some interesting feedback. Please post a review if you actually read it!

Thank you.



The Taekwondo Diaries - Experiences of Taekwondo in Korea and Beyond

My book is finally released, and what's more, you can get it for FREE!!!

That's right, I decided to release the darn thing for free after some spat caused the deletion of pages - cannot go into detail otherwise I could be done for libel. Yeah, it seems you can even be hunted for libel over the web, as was the fate of the guy who managed the 'scumbags in Japan' website... Anyway, where was I - ah, yes - you can get the book as a free .pdf download or a paperback printed edition from the following site:


Image below shows the cover design for the book.


Giving Birth...

This site is a promo site for my book 'The Taekwondo Diaries' which I self-published through Lulu.com in February 2006. I will add updates to my martial arts training in Korea on this site and hope to collect some reviews and comments from Taekwondo enthusiasts around the globe. Anyone is welcome to contribute to this site - with RELEVANT material, please!