Review from ROMANIA!

Here is an unedited review of The Taekwondo Diaries by Mr Caciuc, a Romanian architect, lecturer, and author:

Hi Zoe!
I've got your book and I read it in between lines,forgive me, this is the my postmodern 'critic' stylefor grabbing the whole culture of nowadays... It's areally unconventional book for me, a kind of personalfemale writing or an 'ecritture feminine', which give the expression of your insideworld. Forgive me again when I appealing abusively tothe gender studies in order to decipher a book made by'alterity'. In fact, it's about a double alterity:diary / documentary; Western / Eastern ... A radicalhybrid enterprise where someone could find quotationsfrom Berthold Brecht and Bruce Lee... Irony? Your'palimpsest' is running in so many levels: culture, cuisine customs, history, psychology,martial arts, Asian philosophy and the overallmysterious "Nodding Gnome" (which remember me aboutthe Traveling Gnome in the recent French film"Amelie").Well, this book is 'very you' for me. It'sinteresting that boys don't write diaries (not toooften...to be precise), except few cases in philosophywhere anyway the writing is professionally cut fromthe self to sustain some general ideas. Only Helene Cixous, for example, use writing in the direction of herself, wrapping like Christo herbeing... As you said in the book, your life is notordinary. You float in between a world for kids and auniverse of a 'critical adult eye'. Don't leavewriting! (24/3/2006)

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