ULURU - the calendar

I've now put a few things up for sale on the Lulu.com site.
Next - the ULURU - JOURNEY TO AYERS ROCK CALENDAR is available. It features 24 months of glorious pictures from Ayers Rock in Australia. I went there back in 1998, but recently got all my film negatives put onto CDrom, so have great quality digital images.
As an example of image quality, check out the pix above. (Click to enlarge)

Remember to visit http://www.lulu.com/taekwondo to view all products. The TAEKWONDO DIARIES (below) is getting some interesting feedback. Please post a review if you actually read it!

Thank you.

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Kevin said...


I wanna see the interesting feedback! other ppotential buyers do, too! Please stick it up on your Lulu site or on the blog.

Also-- I see you're continuing to advertise, so I'm going to announce your book on my blog-- perhaps even write a review of it.