Last year, I discovered a guy through Karateforums.com who came from the States to train full time in a Taekwondo/martial arts program at a college in Daegu City, Korea. It sounds like he's been living on the edge of various Korean wheeling and dealing to get through the course, but his experience also sounds very interesting. I've sometimes toyed with the idea of going to train full time at a sports college here, but having seen a typical training routine at Yong-In University one season, I'm sure I couldn't keep up with the pace. I also don't think there would be any long term purpose for me to train full time. I don't have ambitions to be a Taekwondo instructor because I've realised it's harder than being a Taekwondo student! You should also only aim to be an instructor when you know that you can always demonstrate superior ability and more stamina than your students. I have too many weak points and my age is going against me. I'm now quite satisfied to just train in my spare time and build up my skills gradually.

Anyway, back to this 'guy' - he has a webpage accounting his progress HERE.

He also has some YouTube videos of his 2nd Dan testing in Korea under American testing requirements linked to on his site. The self defense video shows moves typical of what I do in Hapkido class. But, unfortunately for me, the partners I execute the moves on show no resistance and just collapse on the floor even before I've begun the move. Consequently, I often have to resort to just practicing the moves in thin air, imagining my opponent's body in front of me - gives an unsatisfactory result of slow speed and lack of power. Alas.

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