On the Kukkiwon website, I noticed an event scheduled at the Kukkiwon entitled the 'Mission Cup'. Sounding interesting, I decided to go along and have a look. Actually, this turned out to be the 'Missionary Cup' in which Korean Taekwondo schools with Christian affiliations took part. (Christianity has a HUGE following here.) It was a fairly small-scale event, but the size suited the capacity of the Kukkiwon. Amongst the participants were some groups who I quite simply think shouldn't have been there. They were terrible. On the other hand, there were some genuinely very talented participants who put on a good display. Most of the competition consisted of the now all too ubiquitous 'Taekwon-dance' hip-wiggling stuff. On the verge of the eve of the World Cup, there were many World-Cup theme tunes. Only one group really stood out for originality in my opinion: they used some tango ballroom music and performed a ballroom routine incorporating Taekwondo kicks and a few self-defence moves. That worked really well.

Here are a few pix from the event - sorry quality perhaps owes to me having purchased an expired roll of film. These days it's sometimes hard to buy old fashioned film. One day, I'll go digital... You can enlarge any of the images by clicking on them.

(For some reason, formatting has also disappeared on this blogger site...where is it???)

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