Apples and Pers

Congratulations to Sab in Amsterdam. Her new baby, Per, was born on July 31st.

Some more Diaries feedback...

I received mail from some more people who have read The Taekwondo Diaries. Both of these people are going to train with Master Chang at SangRok Gym.

"Just read your TWD diaries and thought i pop you an email. its quit
funny, I currently live in Hk (like you in past) and now head to kroea
day afetr tomorrow. I will stay with MAster Chang for a little while
and experience korea there!" Andreas, Hong Kong.

"I have recently moved to Korea from the U.S.A. to work as an orchestral musician. I have been bitten by the TaeKwonDo bug, and my interest and internet searches led me to your book. ... Again, thanks for providing the world with a great resource and interesting insight into your life." Jason, USA/Korea.

Keep sending your feedback!

KTigers captures

Above are some pictures from the Korean Tigers book 'The World Tour Exhibition Highlights'. I try to keep them in mind for inspiration. But this month, I have not done much training because the heat has made me feel not in the mood for exercise. Taekwondo training was switched to 5pm when it was still roasting outside, and just the 30 minute walk to the gym had me all frazzled out! I skipped a whole week of classes. Another point I need to consider now is that my workload at school has increased to the extent that my workplace offers little advantage over many other schools. This term, I've found myself working through the weekends just to catch up on grading and lesson planning. For sure, there is no financial advantage at working where I do. Next semester, waking up at 6am for teaching classes, certainly makes it really hard to have much energy in the evenings for training. I anticipate I can only aim at 3 nights a week of Hapkido at the most. I'm starting to wonder at how long I should stay in Korea for the sake of Taekwondo. Giving up work right now, however, is not viable for a couple of reasons, one of those is that I could essentially be homeless, and secondly, I need to be on a full-time work visa to be eligible to take belt grading at the Kukkiwon in Korea. This rule was made so that not just anyone can come over for a vacation and take a test here. I'll give it until Christmas, then I need to make some decisions about my priorities... Therefore, perhaps it should be at Christmas time that I urge myself to take the 2nd Dan grading test regardless of actual progress made.

P.S. Since I added the Clustrmap to try and find out how many visitors were coming to this site, it seems the answer is...well...not many! I was blocked from listing my site on Karateforums.com where I could get good exposure - they said I was promoting a commercial enterprise in linking to my book site. Bah humbug. So, if people want to see more posts, they had better tell me what they want to read about.


Taekwondo made compulsory in Sichuan Province

Story from the Chengdu Daily in China on June 4, 2006

BEIJING -- The Olympic sport of taekwondo has been promoted as a required course in elementary schools in Sichuan Province, southwestern China, reported the Internet edition of the Chengdu Daily on June 4, 2006.

The idea of taekwondo as a required course in elementary schools has already passed the first session of discussions and it will be officially
implemented soon, according to the educational personnel of the province.

According to the newspaper, the sport has been rapidly developing since its official introduction in China in 1992. Within the past decade, up to 10,000 gyms have been set up all over the country, and the result is an impressive count of over one million taekwondo practitioners.

China's recent golden successes in taekwondo at the Olympic Games have greatly fueled the popularity of the sport among the younger generation. China won three gold medals in taekwondo at the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

In this regard, the introduction of taekwondo as a required course in elementary schools would serve to further heighten the popularity of the sport, as well as enhance the lives of millions in China.

SJB Manual Captures

I made some webcam captures of my quaintly dated Ssang Jeol Bohng manual.

Ssang Jeol Gohn (short nunchaku) >




Sam Jeol Gohn (3-part nunchaku) >



Hapkido poster

Temperatures are a bit hot here now for training. They don't have any air-conditioning in the gyms, and all the windows are closed. In the Taekwondo gym, they are still wearing the sweat suits! (I'm not).

Here is a new promo poster for our HKD gym.