Some more Diaries feedback...

I received mail from some more people who have read The Taekwondo Diaries. Both of these people are going to train with Master Chang at SangRok Gym.

"Just read your TWD diaries and thought i pop you an email. its quit
funny, I currently live in Hk (like you in past) and now head to kroea
day afetr tomorrow. I will stay with MAster Chang for a little while
and experience korea there!" Andreas, Hong Kong.

"I have recently moved to Korea from the U.S.A. to work as an orchestral musician. I have been bitten by the TaeKwonDo bug, and my interest and internet searches led me to your book. ... Again, thanks for providing the world with a great resource and interesting insight into your life." Jason, USA/Korea.

Keep sending your feedback!

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