For the person who wishes to pay me for the diaries...

Someone has posted a comment wishing to pay me for the Diaries .pdf download. I want to insist that I don't take payment for the book. I had been hoping originally that the Diaries was going to be picked up by a publisher after some initial interest from a couple of publishing groups, but that didn't happen in the end. Therefore, I'm just pleased to receive comments such as 'It was an informative read' or something of that form. I do have some ideas for some future books which I hope could turn around my fortunes, but I think quite frankly, my literary skills are not quite yet up to fame and fortune. Wouldn't it be fantastic to earn the income of someone like JK Rowling? However, it seems that there is very little interest in Taekwondo publications in the mainstream media. Only people who train in Taekwondo seem to have any interest in reading on the topic matter. Although the WTF is suggesting that perhaps half the planet is involved in TKD, from my side, I'm not feeling any such impression of such numbers.

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