Hanmadang 2006 this week

This coming week is the Hanmadang 2006 at the Kukkiwon in Seoul. I will try to go, although my work schedule is a bit longer than this time last year, so I can probably only go for one afternoon during the event. I will take my camera and endeavor to finally finish the film and get pix of all events to date uploaded here.

Hang on...

There is also a great collection of martial arts tutorials I discovered recently on YouTube. The poster is Erle Montaigue, a.k.a. 'Moontagu' and it seems he is an Australian based in Wales, UK. His styles include chiefly Tai Chi and Wing Chun. His commentary on some of the videos is really informative as he guides you step by step along particular moves.
Visit his YouTube channel here.
Visit his website here.

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