This is nuts!!!

Shaolin Ball

The above video is absolutely nuts! (But it's an absolute must see!)

I've decided to focus on my testing over the next 2 weeks, so will not be updating this site until it's all over. I'm still promising to upload all the Korean competition pictures... So stay tuned... Meanwhile, I'm in a panic because I've been designated as the 'Geumdo/Gumdo Mistress' for the Hapkido gym's demonstration show over this weekend. I have little clue about how to use the sword, let alone give a demonstration with it. Over the past weekend, I practised with a long cardboard tube, but had little idea about how to go about it, until I resigned myself to the best course of action being to improvise any move I can. However, I'm still lacking confidence on the idea of improvising with a sword in front of up to 300 people while wearing a black belt. I'm suspecting somehow it's been lined up to destroy the image of foreign practitioners of Korean martial arts. We'll see.

Anyone care to come and watch? It's at Chun Ji Kwan Hapkido gym, Seoul, 15 mins walk up from Seoul Station along Mallijaegil (headed in direction of Gongdeok Station). This Saturday afternoon. Followed by Taekwondo testing at the Kukkiwon on the following weekend.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the above video (which I did not make!)

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