The final countdown: HKD - The pix

The only good students at the gym were those who had come from other gyms. This student already has a 4th Dan in Taekwondo and can do all the fancy flips. He was thus promoted to brown belt in about 3 months.
Me and Kwang Jang, Ryu Seong-Won. Yeah, it would seem that I'm no good at tying my belt...
Here is about half of the evening class. The remaining students refused to pose for a photo for me. Sometimes it was a large class, so things were really slow with us lining up one at a time to do a single roll or a kick. A couple of the kids in this shot were REALLY annoying kids. One even expressed a dislike for foreigners! I'm not going to miss those particular students...

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Amanda said...

I'm annoyed with the hefty kid in the navy sweatshirt and I've never even met him.

I'm also surprised that the kids were such jerks. My studiomates will pose for photos no matter who asks for them, and if they don't want to, Master will make them.

I don't know--I think I lucked out with the kids at my studio. They make me actually want to teach middle and high school.