Moon Dae Sung

By chance, I got to know someone working for a major publisher which supplied books to our university. Turns out he was/is preparing for his 5th Dan test. He sent me this picture in which he poses with Athens Olympic gold medallist, Moon Dae Sung.
I also had an opportunity to meet Mr Moon last year, too. However, after an unfortunate accident while playing soccer in a Taekwondo gym, I was unable to walk to the venue where he was attending. I was really sorry about missing the chance to meet him. I've seen Mr Moon on some TV shows, and I think there is a lot behind his character. His fitness level is also amazing, not to mention that he is an eligible bachelor of the same age as myself. As far as I know though, he doesn't speak any English...sigh. He currently holds an honory post in a university in Busan and does some coaching, so you can sometimes spot him at tournaments.


Anonymous said...

hai mr. moon...
my name alfiani from west java,indonesia. i like ur sparring tecnic. that was amazing!!

Megan said...

Mr. Moon Dae Sung,
You are my favorite athlete! God bless you.