Yonsei University International Taekwondo center

I popped over to Yonsei University the other night to check out their 'International Taekwondo Center'. They have an open class for Koreans and foreigners on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7:00pm-8:30pm. Cost is W10,000 for a single lesson, or W80,000 for a month. I added the venue to the Tagzania map.
From what I saw, a lot of the foreigners are there because they are part of some exchange program with the university. The university offers them Taekwondo classes as part of a cultural program add-on. Therefore, there are a lot of white and yellow belts who are real beginners in Taekwondo. However, there were also a couple of experienced black belt guys among them. But, for all their ability, I was very impressed with the instructor's own skills. He demonstrated each move with such speed. I'm now reminded why it's hard for foreigners to keep up in Taekwondo medal tallies!
There doesn't seem to be much attention to the individual. Just a kind of mass training, crossing the floor doing each of the kicks in turn. You can also notice that it's a hardwood gym floor, so practicing any advanced kicks could be a bit dangerous.
Actually, for note, this class set up and gym space is very much like the one I saw over at Seoul National University. Except that the fee is about half there, and the instructor at SNU is a senior student rather than an official coach.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Great weblog. You know, I actually read your book 'The Taekwondo Diaries' a few months ago when I was getting started, and loved it. It really motivated me to stick at it, so thank you! At that time, I didn't know if you were posting regularly on your blog, and forgot to visit again. Glad I found it (again). Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking.

I actually had an opportunity to stay in Korea for a semester next year, but two things dissuaded me: one, your story of how difficult it was to find a good school. The other is just that I just am not sure yet of my commitment, and if I wanted to give up on a semester of research and teach instead. Maybe someday...

...zzZ said...

Hi LC,
Thanks for your message.

I hope you are not too put off by my negativity on TKD gyms in Korea. There are some good gyms in Korea, but they are sometimes hard to find. Best if you can get a direct recommendation.

If you are planning a semester at a university in Seoul, I can definitely give you some pointers as to where to find the good gyms in Seoul. So far, I've been putting them on my map (on sidebar), and hope others will contribute to pointing out recommended quality gyms here.

...zzZ said...

I also think you are right to focus on your research at home until you are sure you want to try Korea.

These schools will ALWAYS be here, and so you have plenty of time to plan a trip over. You can just come over as a tourist and stay pretty inexpensively in student style accommodation at any time you wish. Budget perhaps $500 per month.

Little Cricket said...

No, I definitely wasn't put off. I just realized that I should plan ahead a bit, and not just turn up in Seoul one day expecting to find good schools dime-a-dozen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog. I am actually in Korea right now and am looking for a Taekwondo gym. I live in the Bundang gu area, and woudl prefer one in English. Can you please help me out? For soem reason, I cannot find websites or contact info for the gyms that I found online.Thanks a lot.

...zzZ said...

To anonymous:
The gyms that I trained at are shown in the tagzania map on the sidebar. These gyms are mainly central Seoul, and there is also sangrokgym.com in Gimpo area - all are very far from Bundang. My recommendation is just to checkout all the gyms in your area, including Hapkido, and see if you can find a decent one among them - don't sign up to the first one you go into, and be wary of being lulled into sense of obligation by (sometimes) overly eager instructors who try to woo you into eternal commitment by showering you with all sorts of promises and vitamin drinks. Take your time and choose wisely.

Anonymous said...


i am looking for a tkd school in seoul and found this post.
can u tell me some goodtkd school? how about the one from yonsei is it ok?
i don't have much money, so i need a cheap but good school:)
ok hope somebody can help...maybe send a message to tkdsilvi@hotmail.de