Degraded Dan Cert

This news is just in from Mooto Media News...
Dan Certificate has been Upgraded! Han, Hae-Jin / Translated by James KW Oh (2006/06/01)
Kukkiwon(President Woon Kyu Uhm) just announced newly renovated version of Dan certificate. The new printed version of Dan certificate shows slightly modified layout but size hasn’t been changed. The new card version of Dan certificate has been upgraded from cheap looking plastic laminated card to decent looking plastic card.
It's nice to know that the Kukkiwon has decided all its cards hitherto have been 'cheap looking plastic laminated cards'. More amusing is the accompanying image of a Dan certificate. Note how the personal details have been blurred out in the Korean texting, but that they forgot to blur them out in the English texting!! So, congratulations to Mr A.N. from a Southern Asian nation beginning with the letter 'T'...

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Gordon White said...

We have been getting the "new" style Dan certificates for about 9 months now - they are MUCH nicer, and the ID cards look very cool.

Hopefully this will help people recognize the "knock offs" and cut back on Kukkiwon Dan forgery.