Postscript 1

Here are some extra Korea shots from December 2006, which I just got processed. I will also add more photos to Flickr when I can (there's a limit to uploading photos per month, which I've already exceeded.)

Seoul Grand Park is Korea's version of Hong Kong's Ocean Park - a remarkable US$1.50 entry fee (HK Ocean Park is over US$40!!). Cable car ride was an extra $5, though. The snowfall insisted I go out and find a park to walk around in, so I ventured to Grand Park for the first time. It was really amazing to be surrounded by so much snow; however, it was so cold, that there were no animals to be seen at all outdoors! I nearly froze to death before the cable car reached its stop. This is a place that I suspect is really crowded in the summer.

Bukhansan is one of the surrounding national parks around Seoul. It's impressive to have such a large park within a 30 minute subway ride of a capital city. As was typical for Sundays in December 2006, it was bloody freezing. But, surprisingly, it seemed that all the over-60's in Seoul were climbing these mountains. It was pretty crowded here, and I didn't like the fact that the locals brought their 'balli balli' push and shove mentality even to the hiking trails. There's a real risk of getting pushed off the side of a cliff by some grey-haired grannie if you come here...

Some extra shots in Gongkwon on my final night. The guys on the bags are trained boxers.

At the end of an overhead throw. This was another member of Gongkwon, who strangely, was also fluent in Japanese... Quite hot, too!

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