Didn't win, but got a mention...

Last year (!!) I entered the Taekwondo Song Writing competition. I finally received an email today to say that I didn't win, but I did notice on another email also sent today on the WTF mailing list, that they had an entry from the United Kingdom, so at least I made it into worldwide Taekwondo news in some form or another! (Note though, that they only had a total of 8 entries for the lyrics category from a global population of 6 billion, so I'm a bit peeed that I didn't get at least some prize for that - oh well...) No surprises that a Korean won the prize for the music composition. The WTF will be reopening the lyric competition once they broadcast the winning tune on their site sometime in the 'near future'.

In the field of taekwondo anthem, the contest drew a total of six entries from
four countries - Korea, France, Azerbaijan and Croatia, while eight lyrics from
five countries - Korea, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom and Croatia -

were submitted in the taekwondo song lyric category.

[Quote from the WTF e-Newsletter, Issue 2, April 2007]

(Pity, cus I need the money!)

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