Best of the Worst

I can do that...
But not that....
Phillip Rhee - not bad at all...
THIS is what I'm talking about - no mention of Phillip Rhee's name on the cover at all - scandalous!!!
Eric Roberts - long after the movie
Eric Roberts - a little after the movie
Eric Roberts - how he looked then:


I said I wasn't going to update this blog very much, but as I have a bit of free time to kill, I will comment on a couple of items that I have come across on my re-discovery of Western civilization.

For the first time in my life, I have watched The Best of the Best series (that's 4 whole movies). What a load of crass ****!!! The sickest parts about it was that Eric Roberts was given a higher profile than Phillip Rhee and Eric Roberts' martial arts and hairdo simply sucked by comparison. What credentials did the other Western actors have in martial arts?? In addition, the role given to the women in the movie was so dire, I could curl in my grave. They belonged to the helpless female victim stereotyped in so many 80s Hollywood movies. Blurghh!!
The series only improved slightly following part 2, after Eric Roberts was ditched (hoorah!!) and prominence given to where it was due - to Rhee. However, Rhee for whatever reason held back on his martial arts prowess, that it became another fairly lame action movie. It might have well have been consigned to a TV series. The interesting parts though, showed some footage of Taekwondo in Korea - still called 'Karate' in the movie - and in part 4, you get the end credits with some extra footage of Rhee demonstrating some Hapkido moves. I wish there'd been more of that.
Tony Jaa still hasn't produced a movie to rival Ong Bak, and Uma Thurmann has pretty much quashed the hopes of having any Western females supercede the Kill Bill role. No doubt there will soon be a Hollywood action movie role for Zhang Ziyi, but transplanting Asian actors under Western directors has never really faired well. What is next for the martial arts genre??

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