My Tutor Friend - fight sequence

A well-coordinated fight sequence going on at the end of My Tutor Friend. Kwon Sang Woo, (phew, phew, the hottie), seems to do all the action sequences himself. He trained his body to a phenomenal level in another high-school fight movie which comes under various English titles such as The Legend of Jeet Kune Do and High School blah blah, and in that movie, demonstrates really good ssang-jeol-bong/nunchaku competence and tremendous kicking power. He also played the role of a taekwondo college student doing part time work as a stunt man until he has a tragic accident in another movie, again with various English titles, including Youth Comic/Love Story. Kwon Sang Woo is an actor who came to sudden fame after he strategically underwent radical cosmetic surgery. He has had most of his face re-constructed, and I wonder if he even had a boob job, since most Koreans don't develop chest muscles quite that big! However, most Koreans don't find him attractive because he has a 'short tongue' which leaves him with a lisp type speech. Personally, I can overlook the speech impediment!!
It may be a matter of time before this clip gets taken off YouTube, but in the meantime, enjoy it while you can:

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