SENI 2008

I realize my readership on this blog has fallen a bit low since I am not frequently posting anymore, however I would like to ask if anyone here has ever attended the SENI martial arts exhibition at Excel in London? Is is worth going to?

I was set on going to SENI this weekend, but at the last moment decided not to go because of the cost and the time involved getting to the event. In total, I reckoned it would involve over 8 hours of travel, just to get 3 hours at the event. Furthermore, I am not even sure that the Docklands subway line operates on a Sunday, which would have screwed things up had I have gotten that far. Also, from a previous experience of attending a trade fair event at Earls Court some 10 years ago, wonder whether the scale of the event is sufficient. If anyone has experienced trade fairs in Frankfurt, for example, they will know what I mean, since Frankfurt has to be the creme de la creme of trade fair size. I used to work in a hotel around the corner from the Frankfurt Messezentrum (trade fair center), and sometimes used to get free passes from the hotel guests who were not going to stay for the full period of the event and had no more use for their pass.

I was wondering if they sell martial arts DVDS at SENI, since I struggle to find them in shops, and cannot buy online due to having no bank card. Even in Korea, I could only find such videos on VHS tapes in NTSC format. There were plenty of WTF taekwondo patterns DVDs, but weapons and hapkido DVDs were strangely not on the market in Korea. I have been on the look out for nunchaku/ssang jeol bong videos in the UK, and so far have only found them in a store in London's Chinatown. However, at that time, I was leading students around on a sightseeing tour as 'work', and obviously couldn't take half an hour out to discuss nunchaku titles with the store owner. Maybe going back there one day is the only chance I have to get such a video, unless I cave in and venture into online shopping.
Any SENI visitors to report???


Khakra said...

Caught a wind of SENI from your blog, asked the organizers if they were issuing a DVD, said they were mulling the idea. Though many youtube-d, here's a nunchuck one for you:


turkeybongow said...

hey i found this blog at random and i actually went to seni 08 it was amazing i also performed on the euro disney stage for tae kwon do and was given a dvd of our performance if you want and ca see if i can upload it onto you tube for you or send you a copy?!


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