Yeemei, my former co-worker extraordinaire is getting married - CONGRATULATIONS. Sadly, I cannot attend the wedding, which as I recall from a previous HK wedding, involved some phenomenal 27 or so courses of banquet-style dinner. It was a bit silly, since upon completion of just the third or fourth course, you are already completely stuffed, and the ensuing courses arrive and get taken away from the tables barely touched. The bride, likewise, has to undergo about a dozen changes of clothes during the banquet and perform all sorts of rituals while laden down with gold jewellery. You really can only afford to get married once in HK!!
If you get married in HK, Taiwan or China, you can also expect your wedding photos to look rather creative...

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Khakra said...

congratulations to both! that's a very creative invite. Does that read "Somcome" or "Someone" in the fourth line from the end? Asian folks live for weddings, and summers can be fantastic. But also stressful, because there are so many to attend. When weddings overlap, it is appreciated! One less wedding to attend!