Fancy a new career?

Now it seems the Koreans are about to start to employ foreigners to teach just about everything in the name of improving their English skills. If you want to play a part in this revolution, how about this job ad for you (as advertised on Dave's ESL Cafe):

1. Position : Full-time Instructor
2. Organization : Dong Seoul College (It is located in Songnam-city and takes 5 minutes from Bokjung subway station.)
3. Recruiting Areas - Leisure Sports - Martial Arts
4. Qualifications - Master's Degree - English Native Speakers - Korean speaking ability is preferred - Korean-American/Korean-Canadian/an applicant who hold a martial art's degree or certificate is preferred
5. Job Description - 12 months position. Sept. 1st, 2008 through Aug. 31th, 2009 ¡Ø Position is renewable - Excellent working conditions. (summer and winter vacation) - Health insurance, Teacher's pension are provided. - Housing will be provided near the college. - Overtime will be paid.
6. For further information If you are interested in the above position, please send to the address below by July 21th, 2008 - your resume with recent photo - a copy of passport - a copy of alien certificate - a copy of martial art's degree or certificate 2. Address Department of Administrative Services Dong Seoul College 423 Bokjung-dong, Sujung-gu, Songnam-city, Kyonggi-do, Korea (461-714) e-mail :

I wouldn't mind such a teaching role myself, but am realistic that my martial arts skills don't match that of an average Korean martial arts grad, certainly not at the moment having been out of training for a long time. If ever I could get myself in condition again, I would like to have such an opportunity, although I am also mindful that I think a lot of Koreans would be subconsciously resentful to have foreign martial arts instructors flood the market to promote essentially a local art. There's also a risk that the foreign instructor can't actually teach either martial arts or English effectively, since hiring procedures don't necessarily go for the best qualified - note here that they ask for 'a copy of martial art's degree OR CERTIFICATE' - does that mean a weekend course completion certificate from Ole Kicking Mule's Arse Bootcamp will suffice? If you want to emigrate to South Korea, don't fail to seize this opportunity!
Sigh, I wish I were back in Korea... Keep on dreaming...

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