Only one beverage worse than twenty year old lemon

I thought it could get worse, but Japan has just released 'surging eel', a soft drink beverage which contains, yes, you've guessed it - eel. It is marketed as an energy drink. Eel sushi was the only sushi apart from conch shell sperm sushi that I would never take off the sushi bar carousel. Eel is vile.


Beijing Olympics

Without a TV, and the timezone screening difference, I will probably have to pass on watching anything Olympic related this time around. I'm not really into the boycott club, either, since Chinese political issues are more complex than most anti-China protesters realize. In Taekwondo, I'm sure South Korea will scoop most of the medals again anyway, but if any Olympic viewers wish to send in commentary of how things go, please feel free. In the meantime, please enjoy some images of the Beijing Olympic gardens, as provided by Miss Sun...


Tracking down my title bar

I finally got around to having a look at where my title bar for this website has gone, since it one day just disappeared and instead, a blank void replaced it. The link to the image was on my NODDING GNOME geocities site, since you have to refer to an uploaded image source, and this was an old website of mine. Anyway, it seems that the whole Nodding Gnome site has been taken down!!! I don't know how it happened, but somebody somewhere has deleted my Gnome!!! Bah humbug.

So, now I need to try and re-upload my title bar, which is not easy since my internet connection is beyond slow and uploading or downloading anything is near impossible... Sigh... I might have to resort to using another type of image, so if something strange appears up top, you'll know why.

AD. I have now selected a new image based on my 2001 portrait series made in Hong Kong depicting the ancient art of Kok Fu - weapons-based striking techniques designed to kill cockroaches with a single strike. The weapons utilized in the series were the ladle, the shoe and the hairspray.


Sickness and ...

I've been pretty much afflicted with sub-par housing environments for much of my life. My current housing situation sees me sharing a house with 5 other people who work night shifts. No good for me in a 'regular' 9-5 job when I expect to sleep at night but when 5 people go crashing around the house at various nocturnal intervals. More than 4 hours sleep has been a luxury for the past year or so, and thus I am rather run down at this point, even though mentally, I am still remaining strong. As a result of prolonged exhaustion, I am often afflicted with fever and sore throat. For anyone else who is struggling with similar symptoms, I have recently discovered Ho Yan Hor herbal tea. I swear that it mitigates high body temperature. It's truly amazing. You can obtain this tea over the internet or probably in any fair-sized Chinese supermarket.

The second remedy that was presented to me today by the waiter in a Chinese restaurant after he ironically 'overheard' that I had lost my voice. It is depicted in the pictures above. You will never guess what it is, so I will tell you that it is a TWENTY YEAR OLD LEMON...

I can tell you that it reminds me of the fermented pig rotting in the glass tank at the Seven Star Crags park in Zhaoqing, China. It's all brown and yukky looking, and you wonder why mankind enjoys watching things ferment in see-through containers.

Anyway, Mr A's 20-year-old lemon is a tradition of his mother's. Every week, his mother prepares a lemon for fermentation and week by week, she adds the lemon to her collection. The idea is that you put the lemon in a cup of hot water and add some honey.

So far, the 20-year-old lemon is still sitting on the desk of my workplace, and I'm not sure how I can return the vessel so that it looks like I have actually consumed some of it in order not to offend Mr A.

Thank you for a twenty-year-old lemon...