Tracking down my title bar

I finally got around to having a look at where my title bar for this website has gone, since it one day just disappeared and instead, a blank void replaced it. The link to the image was on my NODDING GNOME geocities site, since you have to refer to an uploaded image source, and this was an old website of mine. Anyway, it seems that the whole Nodding Gnome site has been taken down!!! I don't know how it happened, but somebody somewhere has deleted my Gnome!!! Bah humbug.

So, now I need to try and re-upload my title bar, which is not easy since my internet connection is beyond slow and uploading or downloading anything is near impossible... Sigh... I might have to resort to using another type of image, so if something strange appears up top, you'll know why.

AD. I have now selected a new image based on my 2001 portrait series made in Hong Kong depicting the ancient art of Kok Fu - weapons-based striking techniques designed to kill cockroaches with a single strike. The weapons utilized in the series were the ladle, the shoe and the hairspray.

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