With the Beijing Olympics just come to a close, I was inspired to create a new international sporting phenomenon - dried noodle breaking. I am inviting competitors from all across the world to submit their own video entries for noodle breaking. The rules of entry are as follows:

1) Only dried noodles that are in their directly out-of-packet-state form are permissible
2) Any suspect competitor can be subject to a substance test before they can be considered for a prize
3) Videos can reveal as much or as little about the competitor as they wish and can be conducted in any language
4) Any prizes are non-redemable for cash
5) Competitors must not diss other competitor videos unless they can demonstrate superior performance
6) An element of comedy will be appreciated
7) All rules are subject to change at the instigator's decision
8) All final decisions are made by me and me alone, subject to external influence
9) Any racial or extreme linguistic defamation will be banned
10) The official competition will close in summer 2009

As an example of the type of video entry that can be considered, I am setting the stage with:

The competition starts now!!!

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