RED BELT - new jiu-jitsu movie VS. Olympics wrap-up

Apparently, a new Hollywood movie 'Red Belt' based on a jiu-jitsu theme is about to be released. I have just watched the trailer in German for it here, and I'm sorry to say that it looks like a load of cheesy, predictable CRAP. Why are martial arts movies so often an absolute dive??? I think it's about time I made my own...

I'm on my lunch break, so don't have enough time to try and find an English trailer, but there's probably one lurking out there somewhere on the internet. My tip is don't waste your time looking.

I couldn't get to see the taekwondo event in the Olympics owing to lack of internet access and no TV, but I had a quick sneak of some highlights on BBCiPlayer during my lunch break. I thought the British male competitor Aaron Cooke actually looked pretty talented and was impressed by such a high standard. Also, congrats to fellow Brit Sarah Stevenson, who remarkably was at her 3rd Olympics aged only 25, and who this time won a medal. I was on the WTF.org mailing list for daily news highlights, but they didn't seem to reveal the controversy that still plagues many of the decisions in the competition. It was only when I read a commentary written on the BBC website that I found out how a couple of athletes including Stevenson got re-instated after failed point spotting on the part of the judges. It seems even the electronic protectors are not working. Maybe they ought to get Judge Judy into the fray. Anyway, no more time to comment except that from a viewing interest point, despite enjoying practicing taekwondo, I much prefer to watch judo events and would like to see wushu instated as an event.

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