KILTRO & Oops...

KILTRO - have you watched this one? The title caught my eye as I was looking to rent a video from the local library. It claimed to be the first Chilean martial arts movie, and the actor Marko Zaror was described as 'better than Tony Jaa'. I was highly doubtful from the video stills that this was going to be as good as or better than Ong Bak, so I decided to pass on it, and opt for a Japanese anime called Tekkonkinkreet. Thankfully, after watching a couple of Kiltro trailors on the internet, Tekkonkinkreet turned out to be the right choice. [Tekkonkinkreet is in fact BRILLIANT and highly recommended - one of the best animes I have ever seen].


My international noodle-breaking competition (see below) isn't even taking off as well as Mr Zaror. Not destined to become the next big thing, I guess. In addition, the day after I made the video, I remembered that it is actually considered bad luck by many Asians to break noodles, since long noodles equate to longeivity. Breaking noodles leads you to an early grave... However, it was never in fact established whether packet dried noodles fell under this superstition or were excluded because of their non-linear shape. Can someone please clarify this for me?

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