I was surprised myself that the last posting on here was from 2008. I'm clearly not good at updating. However, I'm still EXTREMELY busy with a couple of projects that have to take priority over weblog postings. Hopefully, later in the year, I can reveal them on this site.

Meanwhile, I can recommend to all of you, that if Percossa are in town, they are highly worth going to see. Percossa is a Dutch comedic percussionist group whose current promo logo is '10 Jaar van de Straat'. I had the priveledge to see them on tour in Holland in February.

I'm really not a theater-going type, but for the Shaolin Monks or Percossa, I'll make an exception. While Percossa is not quite martial arts, the performers have an incredibly high fitness level, running around the stage, banging lots of drums, with a couple of really genial acts. They are extremely talented people. There was even one act done in a Capoeira style.

As to what I was doing in Holland, that was part of my exciting martial arts project that I am undertaking at the moment. For the project, I spent a week in Europe visiting some locations, and if you are interested to see some of the places, you can watch my YouTube videos from the trip. Apologies that the quality of my videos are not the greatest.


Amanda said...

Did you see JUMP! while you were in Korea?

...zzZ said...

No, I've never seen Jump, Nanta or Stomp. I wouldn't ordinarily go to the theater, but I had a special invite to Percossa, and was pleasantly surprised.

klaasb said...

martial arts in Holland? Have a look at www.hapkido.nl or www.chongmukwan.nl
If you are ever in the neighbourhood...feel welcome to visit us.