Double Happiness

I was STUNNED when I received news that my original Taekwondo instructors from Hong Kong sent me an email a couple of weeks ago to announce that they have MARRIED!!! I had always thought their relationship was purely business! So, what a big surprise, and what fantastic news!!! I wish them Double Happiness!!!!! I was also impressed by their wedding album pictures (top). Sometimes, Asian wedding studios produce really cheesy wedding shoots, but their photos were really impressive - envy - envy....

Also recently married is ex-colleague Yee Mei (bottom - that's bottom picture), whom I also wish Double Happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her wedding photos bring jealousness in the form of the wonderful memories of the Hong Kong landscapes. Hong Kong, you're the best!!!! (Although Korea will always be best for martial arts!)

Yes, I do have martial arts shenanigans going on in the background, but am too busy to write about it, as I am literally writing them. More news to follow one day.


Amanda said...

That first picture looks like the poster for a drama.

...zzZ said...

Yes, but maybe I'm a hopeless romantic underneath. Having recently watched some 40 hours of footage from Sturm der Liebe German TV series on YouTube, there's clearly an underlying signal!! (Fortunately, Sturm der Liebe's poster got taken off YouTube last week, so the addiction has been forced to stop).

Greetings Amanda!