The Grand Finale

This marks the final post of this blog. EVER. I'm still too ill to train in martial arts, so around one year ago, I officially decided to declare myself retired from all martial arts activity. Not being able to participate in an activity I loved so much left a huge void, but I have since been finding ways to get over it all. The world has a lot of opportunities out there if you have the will to find them.

I will always remember the experiences I had while training, and am glad that I made it back to the Kukkiwon some five years later to watch some of the 2010 Hanmadang event:

The Taekwondo Diaries have brought me a few unexpected things, and people are still welcome to leave comments or contact me through this blog if they wish.

All the best, and lots of peace to everyone around the world.


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Anonymous said...

Very best wishes with your future !

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. By no means as accomplished as yourself, Taekwondo was an aspect of my life I took pride in: my dedication, and my hard - won successes. So whhen I too felt it was time to quit due to illness,, it left a great void.

See:The Way Of The Hand, Foot And Walking Stick: Taekwondo And Parkinson's Disease: http://wp.me/pMUy3-Dc

fajar said...

I love this sport. I think this is a very interesting sport. hopefully one day people - people aware of how important exercise

Mr. Martial Arts said...

Thanks for a great blog!

Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu said...

Best wishes with your future. I have also experienced this when I was 34.

Spirit2Power said...


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Many thanks for sharing....:-)

Kenpo Karate said...

Well I hope you are back and kicking! :)